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[26 Nov 2012|10:56pm]
To whomever is controlling my life for the past three years, stop it.
I could put up with the affair that tore my family apart. Listening to Mum and Dad argue was tough and then seeing them play "whose going to sleep on the couch tonight" was also difficult, but when either of them was out of town it was easy to ignore. Loosing Maxie was difficult, but at least he wasn't in pain. He would of been if he stayed alive longer. It has been weird having gone almost a whole year without him. This, however, is just unforgivable. How dare you take away my Ohma and leave my Mum, possibly in a vegatative state. She had better get well, and be semi normal again. I can't forgive that. She hasn't been home since September, because of helping Ohma and Margaret in Fort Fraser. She said she might be home for my birthday, and she wasn't. I was rather upset about that. In retrospect, I do feel rather guilty for feeling that way. Also the being angry with her for feeling like she was just running away from Dad and her life here. But this is just too much. The waiting game, the doctors making sure she doesn't have any damaging between her brain and brain stem. And all the while still having to pretend to be a student and going to work. If your goal was to make me as miserable and feel absolutly retched with life itself. Well done, you have succeded. Now go away and leave me to curl up in my bed, under my covers and cry myself to sleep. I miss her. And just want a hug from her and to hear her tell me it's going to be all right. As childish as this sounds: I want my mommy. T.T
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Another TAC Post for fun [15 Jan 2012|09:41pm]

Characters: Jacob and Gabriel
Time: Early Evening
Place: Dorm Building

Gabriel smirked to himself as he walked out of the dorm room of his latest conquest.

'Ah first years, so much fun.' Gabriel thought to himself as he adjusted his jacket. He stopped as he heard the sound of someone
clearing their throat. Gabriel turned around and frowned at the sight of Jacob.

"Yes?" Gabriel asked his younger brother.

"Must you defile your body with these acts? You are not acting in a manner appropriate to either yourself or our father." Jacob said
while glaring at Gabriel.

"Hey, what I do on my time is my own business. Well and the business of whom I'm with." Gabriel said while shrugging.

"You really have no shame do you. I thought you were trying to establish a relationship with January."

"A relationship? Are you serious?" Gabriel let out a laugh. "No I just want to fuck him. He's being stubborn and to be frank I'm rather enjoying the hunt."

Jacob sighed and was about to give his brother a lecture when he thought of an idea.

"You know...You'd probably enjoy your prize if you didn't sleep around like this." Jacob said while watching Gabriel's reactions.

Gabriel glanced over at Jacob. "Are you suggesting that I save myself for bunny-boy?"

"I bet you you can't. In fact, I'll bet you can't go this entire hunt without sleeping with someone."

"And I bet you can't go one week without working on your bible. It's something we can't live without. Me: sex. You: that bible."

"Then how about..." Jacob cringed, he couldn't believe he was going to suggest this. "Until you end this game with January, I won't work on my bible and you won't have sex with anyone."

Gabriel couldn't believe his ears. "Seriously. You won't work on you bible."

"I won't even look at the holy book."

"You really want me to stop sleeping around. Fine. Since this sounds like a fools bet. I won't sleep with anyone for as long as you don't work on your bible. At least, until I bang Jan."

Jacob nodded in agreement. 'Hopefully Gabriel or January folds first. I don't know how long I can go without my bible.' Jacob thought as he walked off to the library.

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RIP Maxie: August 10, 2001 to December 29, 2011 [30 Dec 2011|12:01am]
[ mood | depressed ]

A pretty crappy day today. We had to put Maxie down. It was the best choice for him. He wasn't doing well at all. Between his arthritis and the immune disease he was not doing good. So it was an option of either putting him down or an emergency blood transfusion which of course comes with its own risks. The blood transfusion would of just prolonged the inevitable and given him maybe 12 more hours. I know this was the best choice but it hurts so much. I miss him. I realize he was a dog, but he was our dog. The family dog. More then just a dog, he was family. Our family. He's in a better place,and maybe dogs will be resurrected...doubt it, but it's a nice thought. And of course there comes all the what ifs with it. What if I had called the vet sooner? Would he be alive right now? Would we have been able to diagnose him sooner? Shoulda, woulda, coulda. T.T It has been a really, really emotional day. Ranks right up there with the day I found out about Dad's emotional affair. These past year has sucked. Major. Next year had better be great.

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TAC Post. Why because I can. [17 Dec 2011|07:15pm]

Characters: Haruko, Jan, Natsuko
Time: Afternoon
Place: Hallway

"So are you two talking again?" Jan asked as him and Haruko walked down the hallway. Natsuko hadn't even acknowledge Haruko during special ed.

Haruko nodded. "Yeah. It's easier for me talk to her if I consider her a friend."

"So you put her in the friend zone. Just so you could talk with her." Jan stared at Haruko.

Haruko nodded. "Feels better that way."

"Oh lordy lord. You are never going to get a girlfriend that way."

"So speaks a fellow single guy." Haruko commented.

Natsuko waved and walked up to both Haruko and Jan. "Janny, you wouldn't believe who I ran into."

"I dunno, who?"

"Shiro-kun." Natsuko said rather excitedly. Jan looked at Natsuko blankly. "He's my ex-boyfriend. You remember the one I broke up with because we were going to be going to different schools that would of been on opposite sides of the country. Apparently he decided to go to Kishi instead of the Tokyo Boy's School."

"Well that's good...I guess." Jan said

"It is good. We were talking and we decided to start going out again." Natsuko said while looking around. "He's supposed to meet me after class."

"Is that him?" Jan asked pointing towards a boy with black hair and light brown eyes who was walking towards the three of them.

"Ah! Shiro-kun!" Natsuko said as she gave him a hug.

"Hey. How's it going Natsuko?" Shiro asked.

"I'm good. You remember January Fuzen, right?" Natsuko asked.

"Oh yeah, the sugar addict. Nice seeing you again."

Jan twitched, "sugar addict."

"And this is Haruko Nagoyaka." Natsuko said pointing towards Haruko.

"Dude, how long does it take to dye your like that?" Shrio asked.

"It's not dyed, it's my natural colour."

"Weird. Must be of American decent."

"Only my maternal grandfather is American."

"Obviously some has trickled down. I mean look at your eye colour. Clearly not Asian."

"Now, now Shrio-kun. Maybe you should lay off of Haruko-kun for a bit." Natsuko said while placing a hand on Shiro's arm. "Anyways, shall we go. I'll talk to you two later."

With that, Shiro and Natsuko left. Jan glanced over at Haruko.

"Are you sure you're alright with being just friends?"

Haruko nodded slowly. "Friends is all I can really handle."

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I still check here [29 Apr 2011|09:31pm]
I just don't update. ~.^

The other week I got told by Scott that I could be a manager if I wanted to be. I honestly don't think I want to. Work sucks as it is being a supervisor, I really wouldn't want to be a manager. I still have to do those stupid modules for being a supervisor. They're icky, that's why I'm not doing them.

Honestly I have been looking for a new job. Just not that hard. But I have been honest with both Karen and Scott that I've been looking.

I don't wanna work tomorrow. I just want to finish up those silly cross stitches. Or maybe do some drawing. Sleep would also be good.
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Not really an update... [03 Jul 2008|04:39pm]
More like a cry of joy.


*ahem* Yeah... No I'm not excited for this what are you talking about. Its only one of the worlds greatest RPGs for the SNES.

Lets just hope they don't kill it like they did with the PS port. (silly load times)
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O.o [11 Feb 2008|10:59pm]
I think I've found my new addiction. Well its two old ones combined. ^_^


Video game sprites and cross-stitching. ^_^ So many patterns! *bounces around*

Now all I have to do is finish the cross stitch I'm working on now.
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The Fuzens [04 Feb 2008|08:06pm]
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[04 Feb 2008|01:28pm]

This is just too funny. ^_^
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[28 Jan 2008|12:12pm]
    You all should fear my sale finding skillz! Actually I'm sure you all have found better deals I just find it funny that I can shop like my Ohma (and the rest of my family for that matter.) It's actually rather sad.

    Anyways, when I went shopping with Stephi a couple of weeks ago I found this really nice purple shirt. It was already on sale to about $14.99 from $24.99 or something like that. Well do to the sale going on I managed to get that shirt for $8 something. ^_^ A similar situation happened with a shirt from Reitmans as well. I love sales for that. OH! When I was shopping at the mall a week or two ago (Rio needed shoes for her prom dress.. which, guess what, was also on sale ($25 something down from $140 or something like that.)) I managed to snag two desk calandars for $10 and CardCaptor Sakura: MotC #3 for $4. How did I get a manga for $4 you ask? Simple it was reduced due to red marker on page 23. A circle but it doesn't cover any words so it works for me. ^^

    We got a new pet the other day. Yep Rio finally got her Budgie. Her name is Trillia or Trill for short. Yes the bird is named after her flyff character. I'll post pics when I'm on the old computer. Right now she's on the filing cabnet trying to get Henry and Sammy's attention. She's so small compared to the other two.
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[21 Jan 2008|09:47pm]
    Was fliping through an old UNBC calandar I have and I noticed I don't have all my breadth requirements yet. I realize this is no biggie since I'm still technically a first year student. What is getting me is that most of the courses on the list are Math based. T.T The only one that looks friendly is the Introduction to Chemistry I. I am not doing Calc for non majors. >> I haven't done math that looks complicated like that in over 2 years! And that  was just Math 11! It would bury me alive and then dance on my grave.

    My Comm 100 class is actually rather nice to me. ^_^ Probably because all I have to do is listen to the prof and the notes are available on Blackboard for writting down at my leisure. Tomorrow is a guest speaker so that should be fun.  Jap class is so much fun! Ami-sensei is awsome. I feel silly for being afraid of the singing I heard she does. Last semester the main project was to translate a recipie, do a commercial for it and then make the food for a class party. I did Krickle Krackle (surprise.) For the commercial I foolishly decided to animate it in Flash. It didn't turn out that bad. Actually it didn't take to long to animate it after I remembered about storyboarding, it was just the lip syncing that took the longest. Anyways thanks to going to Ami-sensei for word help, and an awsome catch phrase I got the prize for best commercial. ^_^

    In my sims game I was playing the Nagoyaka house and Akihiro got abducted by aliens. He's not my first sim to be abducted. Tokyo Myan got abducted twice. (She also had to be saved from death twice as well. >>) But he's the first one to give birth to alien babies. ^^ Yeppers twins. I named the George and Elroy. I think most of you should get where the names are from. I think I might do a sim based update and put their pictures in. They look funny. I mean they have long faces. I don't know if thats normal but it just looks weird. Maybe they will grow into them. I also gave that family a puppy. Sora. He's so cute! But he grows up in another sim day. He better still look cute after he grows.

    I stopped by the computer to check the UNBC site before grabbing batteries for my gameboy so I can play Pokemon Silver and restart my Red game. I'm in a major Pokemon mood right now. Since my Silver game resetted itself (probably from the clone pokemon cheat) I've been meaning to start playing it and trade over the starter pokemon from my Red game and use Bridget's Blue game for what I can't catch. Unfortunantly I can't get all the Gold game Pokemon but at least I'll be close! I really want to get a gameboy advance SP so I can play my gamboy games and actually see them. My gameboy is a hand-me down from my aunt and so there is dust between the screen and the plastic so I can't really see my games too well. (Well as well as you can see games on the original gameboy.) Plus if I can afford Pokemon Emerald maybe (I've been debating between it Ruby and Sapphire since the Fire Red and Leaf Green are just remakes of the original) and Pokemon Diamond I can really catch more! Yeah they should come out with a pokemon game or two where you can catch all 500 or so (or however many it is now) on the two games and be able to go to all the regions and fight with all the gym leaders just like Ash does in the show!

    >> Okay I should stop now before I really go off on a tangent.
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Tac Sims update [07 Jan 2008|08:20pm]
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TAC Simmies [02 Jan 2008|11:43pm]
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More sim pics [20 Dec 2007|06:08pm]
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The Exam Gods Hate Me [09 Dec 2007|09:19pm]
On the 6th I had a History exam to go at 6 in the evening. Okay oh very well and good despite how friggen late it was but thats alright Chi had Basketball practice that night. So we leave just before five so we have more then enough time and guess what happens. We get stuck at the end of the driveway. The plow had gone by and Mom high-centered the van on the brim that was left. Well we didn't know at the time the van was high-centered so Rio and I start pushing the van. Of course it's freezing cold as we are doing this. About maybe five to ten minutes in Mom had to call Ohma to pick Chi up and take me to the exam. About over an hour later she shows up and takes me up to the University. Yep I was late for the exam. Actually I missed it. Because I'm stupid (plus a coward) and didn't think to knock on the door. (not like I would want to interrupt people writting the exam.) 

So at 9 after the exam was over I go up to Prof. Binnema and apologize for missing said exam and explained my situation for why I was late including the not knocking on the door. He said that he'd let me do the exam the next day so I would have all three hours to write it. ^_^ He is so nice.

I did that exam on the 7th, I only took an hour. >> So I either did really well or bombed it.

Now I get to study for a Japanese Oral Exam thats on Tuesday and a Japanese Written which I think is on either Thursday or Friday.
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Sim piccies [04 Dec 2007|02:15pm]
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[01 Oct 2007|06:33pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Gah, the bread for my sandwhich today was all moldy and I didn't know that until I ate most of it. >> Oh well, I don't think you can get sick from eating modly bread can you? Not like I ate all of it.

Did my phone project for Japanese today. I was so scared. Teresa helped me out a bit. ^^

I put a new battery into my tamagotchi. ^^ My 41st Generation named Ange. Its currently in "muffin" form.

Gots to study for my Japanese midterm on Thursday. At least my History is next week. ^_^

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Home! Sweet and glorious home! [23 Aug 2007|11:31pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

I'm back from vacation! Yeppers I was on vacation. A week in the southern part of BC. We mainly went because my sisters and I wanted to go to AE, which we did.

AE was awsome! Our costumes were not finished for the Friday but on Saturday we were the only Powerpuff Girls Z. ^^ Really cool. Rio unfortunately got sick from being overtired and what not so we left before the Back-on concert. She felt better once we got back to Grandpop's house. Got three mangas (two Fakes and one Cardcaptor Sakura), a Diru cd, a LoZ cd, Princess Tutu vol 2 (the only one they had ^^), a japanese Sailor Moon children's book, and a fan.

Sunday our feet were so sore from walking in those little shoes from the Chinese store here in town (we stopped there before we left town on Thursday) that we stayed and "helped" with Grandpop's Model A club's car picnic. I was his partner again for the games and we won an event. I picked out a pair of snap-ring pliers as my prize. Found out later there was a tire pressure gauge there. -_-  Oh well. I'm sure I'll use the pliers in my beading (but the pressure gauge would of been really useful as well.)

Monday we headed out to Westbank (the newest city in Canada, just voted) to visit my other set of grandparents. When we got there Grandma had cooked up a turkey for us. So its easy to guess what we had for dinner on Tuesday. :P

Tuesday my sisters and I got to hang out with Grandpa for lunch after we spent the morning in Zellers looking for jeans for Rio (a size 3...*is jealous.*) It was a pretty quiet day.

Yesterday we went to Peachland (wow that was yesterday how come it feels like a week ago.) Mom and Grandma did some clothes shopping (mostly for shirts for me) and Dad, Rio, Chi and I hung around.

Couldn't of asked for better weather on the vacation, though I'm upset that I missed the most awsome storm of the season *pouts.* I could of done without the humidity but meh, it was still sunny.

Anyways I've been home for about four or so hours and I still haven't unpacked. *is very lazy* I finally get to sleep in my bed for more then one night since I'm no longer house sitting. Boo-yah! *does happy dance*

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[03 May 2007|10:13am]
[ mood | bleh ]

Well its been four days since my job interview, (yes I had a job interview last Saturday) so that means I didn't get the job at Future Shop this time around. Ah well. A&W is starting to look good since they are so desperate for people. Though I would be inclined to wear a surgical mask to keep my cold germs to myself. XP

Ohma is trying to get Mom to work at A&W with her, I know she has my aunt, Nico rooked into working with her. Boy as Mom said they should just start calling it 'Joan's Place' with the amount of her relatives working there, especially if Mom and I start working as well.  Maybe I'll try out for the Source again.

I came up with drawing idea with all the TAC characters a good while back, but as I was sketching out a rough scale drawing I noticed Jan's height compaired to Haruko's. The way I had it the top of Ran came to about the Oni's shoulder and if I stuck with that ratio, Jan would be at Haruko's stomach. >< Think something needs to be reworked.

Almost finished Mojo. He just needs his jewels and the red triangles and he is completed. Woot! *feels productive* I haven't started on the PPG's gloves though, but that should be easy. The props on the other hand I am not looking forward to. Now the real challenge will be getting Mom to start on costumes. I think she wants to make the dress models first before she starts cutting up patterns. And some more fabric needs to be purchased as well before the costumes can be finished.

Four months to AE! ^_^ (well there abouts)

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[16 Jan 2007|09:57pm]
Yay a new trailer for TMNT is up! ^_^ Makes me smile for some reason, other then it's funny. True the animation isn't that great but hopefully the writting will make up for that.

Heres the link for anyone interested.

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