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Well its been four days since my job interview, (yes I had a job interview last Saturday) so that means I didn't get the job at Future Shop this time around. Ah well. A&W is starting to look good since they are so desperate for people. Though I would be inclined to wear a surgical mask to keep my cold germs to myself. XP

Ohma is trying to get Mom to work at A&W with her, I know she has my aunt, Nico rooked into working with her. Boy as Mom said they should just start calling it 'Joan's Place' with the amount of her relatives working there, especially if Mom and I start working as well.  Maybe I'll try out for the Source again.

I came up with drawing idea with all the TAC characters a good while back, but as I was sketching out a rough scale drawing I noticed Jan's height compaired to Haruko's. The way I had it the top of Ran came to about the Oni's shoulder and if I stuck with that ratio, Jan would be at Haruko's stomach. >< Think something needs to be reworked.

Almost finished Mojo. He just needs his jewels and the red triangles and he is completed. Woot! *feels productive* I haven't started on the PPG's gloves though, but that should be easy. The props on the other hand I am not looking forward to. Now the real challenge will be getting Mom to start on costumes. I think she wants to make the dress models first before she starts cutting up patterns. And some more fabric needs to be purchased as well before the costumes can be finished.

Four months to AE! ^_^ (well there abouts)
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