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Home! Sweet and glorious home!

I'm back from vacation! Yeppers I was on vacation. A week in the southern part of BC. We mainly went because my sisters and I wanted to go to AE, which we did.

AE was awsome! Our costumes were not finished for the Friday but on Saturday we were the only Powerpuff Girls Z. ^^ Really cool. Rio unfortunately got sick from being overtired and what not so we left before the Back-on concert. She felt better once we got back to Grandpop's house. Got three mangas (two Fakes and one Cardcaptor Sakura), a Diru cd, a LoZ cd, Princess Tutu vol 2 (the only one they had ^^), a japanese Sailor Moon children's book, and a fan.

Sunday our feet were so sore from walking in those little shoes from the Chinese store here in town (we stopped there before we left town on Thursday) that we stayed and "helped" with Grandpop's Model A club's car picnic. I was his partner again for the games and we won an event. I picked out a pair of snap-ring pliers as my prize. Found out later there was a tire pressure gauge there. -_-  Oh well. I'm sure I'll use the pliers in my beading (but the pressure gauge would of been really useful as well.)

Monday we headed out to Westbank (the newest city in Canada, just voted) to visit my other set of grandparents. When we got there Grandma had cooked up a turkey for us. So its easy to guess what we had for dinner on Tuesday. :P

Tuesday my sisters and I got to hang out with Grandpa for lunch after we spent the morning in Zellers looking for jeans for Rio (a size 3...*is jealous.*) It was a pretty quiet day.

Yesterday we went to Peachland (wow that was yesterday how come it feels like a week ago.) Mom and Grandma did some clothes shopping (mostly for shirts for me) and Dad, Rio, Chi and I hung around.

Couldn't of asked for better weather on the vacation, though I'm upset that I missed the most awsome storm of the season *pouts.* I could of done without the humidity but meh, it was still sunny.

Anyways I've been home for about four or so hours and I still haven't unpacked. *is very lazy* I finally get to sleep in my bed for more then one night since I'm no longer house sitting. Boo-yah! *does happy dance*
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