ami_lynn (ami_lynn) wrote,

Sim piccies

So I was playing the Fuzen family last night and remembered to take pictures. Yay go me!

I gave Raiden a new hair style. He doesn't look as bad now. He managed to max his creativity skills in one evening.

Jan and Haruko were on a date. ^^ Never get a sim with four creativity points to do a duet with someone with maxed creativity points. *shudder*

I've never had a sim wash windows before. Yay Katai points for you.

>> This was totally Haruko's idea. I swear! I mean Woo-hoo in the hot tub sounds like a Jan thing but oh no this was all Haruko. Jan just followed along. ACR is nice but one has to watch what the sims do when they really like each other.

Heh, Haruko doesn't make a very good theif. He left Jan a stereo after their hot date.

I thought I took some pictures of the Fuzen twins but I guess not. Well they are a boy and a girl. I can't remember their names at the moment. >< In the Nagoyaka house there is two more boys. Yuki and Satoshi both of whom look exactly like their dad. Now all whats left is to get both Haruko and Jan to grow up. (though I may cheat with Jan ^^)
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