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TAC Simmies

I played the Nagoyakas. Unfortunantly the power went out and I had to redo everything. T.T But I made major progress with Haruko and Jan!

Images from before the power went out. Haruko's birthday!

I was so pleased with the clothes he grew up into here. Unfortunantly the second play through didn't result in as nice of clothing. I'm so glad I made Haruko and Jan as adults then shrunk them down to teenagehood. ^_^

Another days work. I got Haruko and Jan married. I had to ask Rio what their last names should be. She said Fuzen so Fuzen it is. I like how their clothes colour matches their hair. Its a shame they have the same hair style though.

Poor Romance Sim Jan.

The result of a romp on the couch after moving into their new house. >> Thanks ACR. Haruko didn't handle the pregnancy to well. ^^; However he did finish maxing out all his skills (all he had left was cleaning.)

So I missed the obligatory "mother" in labor pick. I just thought Jan looked cute being all parental and cuddling May.

Haruko is the only one with a job. Jan's hasn't shown up in the paper. Here is Haruko going to work as a pirate. ^_^ Shame his hair has to be black and not his silver.

Mommy Haruko growing May up. ^^

*dies* I wuvs her! Haruko's eyes and Jan's hair. ^^ I hope she will be a well behaved kid.

Well off to bed for me. I have school tomorrow. T.T

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