ami_lynn (ami_lynn) wrote,

Tac Sims update

Last time on the Fuzens: Haruko had a baby and she grew up into a toddler!

Here's May chasing fireflies. Such a cute kid. ^^

Haruko taught her how to walk. Jan taught her how to talk. ^^ Haruko and May were in the kitchen when they started.

Jan's preggers! He doesn't handle pregnancy too well either.

Thanks to a bad decision on a choice card, Haruko lost his job.

Lo! May grew up. Not as cute as a toddler but hopefully she'll look really pretty as a teen and adult.

Haruko and May go outside to play tag. Though it looks like their are running to something then playing tag.

Jan's turn to have a baby.

A baby girl who looks exactly like May. Her name is Natsuko.

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