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    Was fliping through an old UNBC calandar I have and I noticed I don't have all my breadth requirements yet. I realize this is no biggie since I'm still technically a first year student. What is getting me is that most of the courses on the list are Math based. T.T The only one that looks friendly is the Introduction to Chemistry I. I am not doing Calc for non majors. >> I haven't done math that looks complicated like that in over 2 years! And that  was just Math 11! It would bury me alive and then dance on my grave.

    My Comm 100 class is actually rather nice to me. ^_^ Probably because all I have to do is listen to the prof and the notes are available on Blackboard for writting down at my leisure. Tomorrow is a guest speaker so that should be fun.  Jap class is so much fun! Ami-sensei is awsome. I feel silly for being afraid of the singing I heard she does. Last semester the main project was to translate a recipie, do a commercial for it and then make the food for a class party. I did Krickle Krackle (surprise.) For the commercial I foolishly decided to animate it in Flash. It didn't turn out that bad. Actually it didn't take to long to animate it after I remembered about storyboarding, it was just the lip syncing that took the longest. Anyways thanks to going to Ami-sensei for word help, and an awsome catch phrase I got the prize for best commercial. ^_^

    In my sims game I was playing the Nagoyaka house and Akihiro got abducted by aliens. He's not my first sim to be abducted. Tokyo Myan got abducted twice. (She also had to be saved from death twice as well. >>) But he's the first one to give birth to alien babies. ^^ Yeppers twins. I named the George and Elroy. I think most of you should get where the names are from. I think I might do a sim based update and put their pictures in. They look funny. I mean they have long faces. I don't know if thats normal but it just looks weird. Maybe they will grow into them. I also gave that family a puppy. Sora. He's so cute! But he grows up in another sim day. He better still look cute after he grows.

    I stopped by the computer to check the UNBC site before grabbing batteries for my gameboy so I can play Pokemon Silver and restart my Red game. I'm in a major Pokemon mood right now. Since my Silver game resetted itself (probably from the clone pokemon cheat) I've been meaning to start playing it and trade over the starter pokemon from my Red game and use Bridget's Blue game for what I can't catch. Unfortunantly I can't get all the Gold game Pokemon but at least I'll be close! I really want to get a gameboy advance SP so I can play my gamboy games and actually see them. My gameboy is a hand-me down from my aunt and so there is dust between the screen and the plastic so I can't really see my games too well. (Well as well as you can see games on the original gameboy.) Plus if I can afford Pokemon Emerald maybe (I've been debating between it Ruby and Sapphire since the Fire Red and Leaf Green are just remakes of the original) and Pokemon Diamond I can really catch more! Yeah they should come out with a pokemon game or two where you can catch all 500 or so (or however many it is now) on the two games and be able to go to all the regions and fight with all the gym leaders just like Ash does in the show!

    >> Okay I should stop now before I really go off on a tangent.
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