ami_lynn (ami_lynn) wrote,

The Fuzens

Busy day at the Fuzen house. Also the Nagoyaka house. I grew up those alien twins. >> They are bug-eyed and one has no nose. The one with a nose doesn't look to bad. Also the cute dog Sora grew up to look pretty funky looking as well.

We start off with Jan's new hair! Now he looks different from Haruko. Yay!

Okay.. funny story for the next pic. I should of stopped playing sims with the Nagoyaka family. >> Anyways, the Fuzen's computer was well broken and needed fixing. Haruko the family smart dude with all his skills just back from work and he needed to get his motives up and since Jan was waiting for the bathroom to be free and he has three machanical skill points I figured he should be able to fix the computer no problems at all.... I was wrong. DEAD WRONG!

Him getting shocked, okay no biggie I can deal with that.

But this! I was not expecting him to die!

I had to quickly drag Haruko's butt over from cleaning his supper plate to save Jan.

He won! YAY! GO HARUKO! (Yes, that is Jan's brother. He just happened to be over at the time. -_-)

Aww. ^_^ That's right hug the person who saved your butt.

A day later a revived Jan helps Natsuko grow up!

Meh. Her chin looks a little funny right now especially when her bottom teeth show while she's screaming. Maybe she'll look better as a child.
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