ami_lynn (ami_lynn) wrote,

TAC Post. Why because I can.

Characters: Haruko, Jan, Natsuko
Time: Afternoon
Place: Hallway

"So are you two talking again?" Jan asked as him and Haruko walked down the hallway. Natsuko hadn't even acknowledge Haruko during special ed.

Haruko nodded. "Yeah. It's easier for me talk to her if I consider her a friend."

"So you put her in the friend zone. Just so you could talk with her." Jan stared at Haruko.

Haruko nodded. "Feels better that way."

"Oh lordy lord. You are never going to get a girlfriend that way."

"So speaks a fellow single guy." Haruko commented.

Natsuko waved and walked up to both Haruko and Jan. "Janny, you wouldn't believe who I ran into."

"I dunno, who?"

"Shiro-kun." Natsuko said rather excitedly. Jan looked at Natsuko blankly. "He's my ex-boyfriend. You remember the one I broke up with because we were going to be going to different schools that would of been on opposite sides of the country. Apparently he decided to go to Kishi instead of the Tokyo Boy's School."

"Well that's good...I guess." Jan said

"It is good. We were talking and we decided to start going out again." Natsuko said while looking around. "He's supposed to meet me after class."

"Is that him?" Jan asked pointing towards a boy with black hair and light brown eyes who was walking towards the three of them.

"Ah! Shiro-kun!" Natsuko said as she gave him a hug.

"Hey. How's it going Natsuko?" Shiro asked.

"I'm good. You remember January Fuzen, right?" Natsuko asked.

"Oh yeah, the sugar addict. Nice seeing you again."

Jan twitched, "sugar addict."

"And this is Haruko Nagoyaka." Natsuko said pointing towards Haruko.

"Dude, how long does it take to dye your like that?" Shrio asked.

"It's not dyed, it's my natural colour."

"Weird. Must be of American decent."

"Only my maternal grandfather is American."

"Obviously some has trickled down. I mean look at your eye colour. Clearly not Asian."

"Now, now Shrio-kun. Maybe you should lay off of Haruko-kun for a bit." Natsuko said while placing a hand on Shiro's arm. "Anyways, shall we go. I'll talk to you two later."

With that, Shiro and Natsuko left. Jan glanced over at Haruko.

"Are you sure you're alright with being just friends?"

Haruko nodded slowly. "Friends is all I can really handle."

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